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- Triathletes Discover An Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting
Here’s a very effective, fast way to lose weight, feel better, and be healthier without the monotony, expense, and dependence associated with traditional dieting. It was discovered by professional triathletes in their endless search for ways to gain a competitive edge and win more events without compromising their health by using supplements.
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- Traditional Diets

If you’ve ever been on a traditional diet plan in all probability you stopped at some point in time because of the restrictive tedium, deprivation, and regimentation. Even if you were fortunate enough to shed a few pounds they likely returned soon after stopping the diet. This is because dependency is created in traditional diet plans and when enough is enough you revert to your old enjoyable ways of eating the foods you love… then the pounds and inches return.
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- Protein
The purpose of this article is to briefly discuss our opinion of the type, amount, and sources of protein that enable the human body to achieve and maintain optimum health. We respectfully understand that discussions, opinions, and controversy relative to protein run the full gamut of views, but this is our position.
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- The Calorie Myth

There’s an endless amount of information and diversity of opinions on calories relative to weight loss and health. We believe that understanding the value of food to the body and its processes are far more effective in achieving and maintaining weight loss than the tedium of counting calories. Accordingly, the following is our opinion.
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- Raise Your Energy Level Naturally…Without Artificial Stimulants
Today the availability and variety of processed products and diet plans claiming to provide a jolt of energy to boost you up is endless. Energy drinks, powders, pills, faux herbs, and other such products all make the same basic claims with their own twist - so where do you start? Or better yet, why start?
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