Now You Can Lose Weight ...and Still Eat the Foods You Love
Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
Triathletes Discover An Easy Way
to Lose Weight Without Dieting
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Here’s a very effective, fast way to lose weight, feel better, and be healthier without the monotony, expense, and dependence associated with traditional dieting. We are professional triathletes who discovered it during our endless search for ways to gain a competitive edge and win more events without compromising our health by using supplements.

As professional triathletes our livelihood depends on winning or at least placing near the top in multiple triathlons each year. A triathlon is a timed endurance competition consisting of three successive events: an ocean or lake swim, bicycle race, and a distance run. Serious competitors must be in top physical condition to have a chance of winning.

The most important aspect of achieving and maintaining that optimum condition to provide a competitive edge begins with our diet - food consumed to provide fuel for the body to convert into energy for strength and endurance. Although we are in excellent physical condition and weight loss is not an issue a specialized diet is still necessary to achieve our goals of winning triathlons.

After following various boring diets we grew tired of the inherent regimentation and monotony that included:
  • Measuring and weighing food
  • Counting calories
  • Concern with food groups
  • Protein and various powder concoctions
Finally, out of frustration we sought advice from experts in the fields of diet, nutrition, and the digestive system to find out whether there was a different type of healthy diet plan that would provide us with the same or better results but with these characteristics:
  • Less regimentation
  • No special food requirements
  • No pills, powders, or other supplements
  • Did not compromise health and nutrition
  • Easy to follow
The answer was a resounding YES… and it neither involved a diet nor giving up any favorite foods. Paradoxically we found the way to achieve maximum conditioning and endurance without compromising health and nutrition would also result in weight loss where that was the goal.

After implementing these findings by modifying old eating regimens we actually felt more energetic, had greater endurance, experienced a better overall feeling, and won more consistently.

Knowing that most people want more energy and to generally feel better without taking any substances, we told some non-athletic type friends about our newly found eating routine. Not only were the same results experienced, our friends began to lose weight as well … and fast.
How and Why It Works

How can people have more energy, feel better, and lose weight by eating common everyday food that they already enjoy without a regimented diet, pre-cooked meals, pills of any sort, and nothing to buy?

Natural Detoxification: The answer starts with the fundamental principle of Natural Hygiene that the human body strives to cleanse itself, heal itself, and maintain itself by continuously getting rid of poisonous waste material from dead cells and undigested food… FAT. This process is called detoxification and is totally dependent on energy. Its efficient operation is critical for achieving and maintaining good health… and losing weight and inches.

Energy – The Key To Gaining and Losing Weight: Normal people gain weight and inches because more food is consumed than is effectively digested and eliminated. The excess must go somewhere and the self-maintaining body stores it in areas where it will have the least affect on normal functioning of vital organs. So, for better or worse, it is deposited in the following places for the world to see:
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Stomach
Every normal human body is truly designed to operate at relative peak performance. Achieving and maintaining that level of performance is a factor of the food consumed and the energy required for its digestion.

Digestion is the most important bodily function and requires more energy than any other function. Accordingly, its demand is always met first, regardless of circumstance. As less energy is required for digestion more is available for cleansing, breaking down, and disposing of built-up toxins… i.e., fat. Conversely, as more energy is required for digestion less of it is available to eliminate toxins and this results in weight gain.

Let The Foods You Love Do The Work: An individual can easily lose as much or as little weight as desired by consuming foods that respectively require less or more energy to digest. This can be accomplished without the monotonous tasks typically associated with traditional diet plans that include:
  • Regimentation
  • Calorie counting
  • Measuring and weighing portions
  • Pills and other supplements
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Pre-cooked frozen meals
  • Continuing expense
  • Dependency
Believe it or not, weight loss can actually be achieved while eating the foods you love… along with increased energy and better health as valuable by-products, and without any dependency.

The Simple Secret To Natural Weight Loss: The secret lies in a basic understanding of detoxification, how the normal digestive process operates, and the role of energy in both. With that understood, knowledge of the foods requiring minimal and maximum energy for digestion is all that is necessary for effective weight loss.

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