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Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
Weight Loss - No Frills
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Today the availability and variety of processed products and diet plans claiming to provide a jolt of energy to boost you up is endless. Energy drinks, powders, pills, faux herbs, and other such products all make the same basic claims with their own twist - so where do you start? Or better yet, why start?

Fact or Fiction: Do you honestly believe the people hyping these products and diet plans are so concerned about your energy level that they want to share their purported boosting experiences out of munificence for their fellow man? Or perhaps their sole motivation is in making a buck on your naiveté.

Your Body Produces Energy: Notwithstanding the veracity of the claims and consequences of ingesting these products, all of the energy you desire is naturally available through physical processes that occur in the normal human body.

Did you know your body is capable of producing an abundance of energy solely from the fuel or food it ingests and digests? And, most importantly, you are in total control of the way in which that energy is allocated among the various bodily functions it serves. Simply put, you can control how physically and mentally energetic you feel.

Digestion and Energy: Digestion is the most critical bodily function and requires the most energy. Accordingly, the body meets its demands first to the exclusion of all other functions. While the digestive process is constant, some foods and food combinations are more easily digested than others and the amounts of energy required to digest them likewise varies.

Easily digestible foods and food combinations allow the body to provide more energy to other functions than those that are difficult or impossible to digest that drain valuable energy from them. As more energy is available and provided to non-digestive bodily functions physical and mental acuity rise dramatically.

Classic Examples: The following are real life examples of food causing energy drain:

  • Generally, office coffee machines or other coffee sources start buzzing a few hours after lunch because people have the blahs and are seeking an energy boost to make it through the day in a productive manner.

  • Athletic teams no longer eat heavy meals like steak and potatoes prior to games because players became lethargic soon after the game began.

In both instances individual productivity suffered significantly because the foods consumed were difficult or impossible to properly digest and that resulted in a paucity of energy being available for other important functions.

Food For Thought: Fresh fruit digests easier and faster than any other food so a minimal amount of energy is expended in the process. It is broken down in the body and transformed into glucose – our primary source of energy and solely responsible for human brainpower. So, at a bare minimum how do you want to begin your day? You can eat foods that will sap your energy and brainpower because they are difficult to digest or those that digest easily to enhance your overall mental and physical performance.

No Frills Weight Loss explains the relationship between diet and energy levels in easy to understand layman’s terms. In addition to other information you will learn how to maximize energy your body generates for non-digestive functions by knowing the following:

  • Foods and food combinations that require minimal energy to digest

  • Foods and food combinations that require maximum energy to digest

  • How to properly combine foods

  • When to eat certain foods

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