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There’s an endless amount of information and diversity of opinions on calories relative to weight loss and health. We believe that understanding the value of food to the body and its processes are far more effective in achieving and maintaining weight loss than the tedium of counting calories. Accordingly, the following is our opinion.

Monotony and Regimentation: The majority of people who stop their diet plan do so because they are sick and tired of endless boring regimentation, particularly counting calories… morning, noon, and night. It’s very easy and all too common for people to become prisoners of calorie counting to the point where the process begins to dominate their lifestyle – NO THANKS.

Freedom of Choice: There’s a better and healthier way to lose weight and keep it off without counting the first calorie or starting another monotonous regimented diet plan. That’s right: you can quickly and easily lose weight while enjoying the foods that you love… by using basic common sense and knowing:

  • When to eat them during the day
  • How to combine them for maximum results

The Value of Foods: Understanding the nutritional value of food relative to digestion, weight loss, and health is far more important than focusing on counting calories. This is because certain foods enable the body’s natural method of losing weight through detoxification, i.e., cleansing, to operate efficiently while others significantly impede this process.

  • High value foods – easy to digest which results in sufficient energy being available to cleanse the body, effect weight loss, and achieve better over-all health.
  • Low value foods - difficult or impossible to properly digest which results in the body wasting energy in an attempt to digest them to the exclusion of being used for other important functions, such as weight loss and health.

There are countless scrumptious high value foods rich in calories and you will never gain an ounce eating them. To the contrary, they accelerate weight loss while enhancing over-all mental and physical health.

Natural Weight Loss: The body will naturally lose weight through detoxification as it cleanses itself of toxins and built up fat. Detoxification requires energy and its availability directly controls weight loss, weight gain, and over-all health.

No Frills Weight Loss will tell you how to eat the foods you love and insure that your body has ample energy to detoxify, lose weight, and be healthy.

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